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Arduino nrf24

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#ProjectDIVA: Arduino Mini Pro

This article extends the node tree of ProjectDiva to include an Arduino Pro Mini.

This article explains how to connect a Arduino Pro Mini to the nRF24Things application (Android Things). The code allows sending and receiving messages between the nodes. It uses the well-known RF24 libraries to create a sensor mesh, where the node 0 (in this case a Raspberry Pi running the Android Things application) actuates as a "DHCP" server and assigns the node addresses in the mesh.

Android Things!

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things v1.0!

Google has released Android Things 1.0 this week to developers with long-term support for production devices.

I've updated today the two applications to run on this Android Things version:

Additional resources

Take a look at the full release notes for Android Things 1.0, and head over to the Android Things Console to begin validating your devices for production with the 1.0 system image. If you are looking for a Getting Started on Android Things, head over to these posts:

Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things 0.8.1 getting started

After the Hannover Fair 2018, I have this weekend some time and I decided to update the #ProjectDIVA to the last version of Android Things. Today the actual version is 0.8.1 DP and the Android Things Setup Utility has the version number 1.0.19.

I have two applications running on Android Things:

In Oct. 2017, I wrote a tutorial for Android Things, but I checked that the tutorial needed an update, and the repositories too. That's why I'm writing this post.


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#ProjectDIVA: nRF24Things working on Android Things DP5.1

I've updated the code of the nRF24Things application. The application is now working on Android Things DP5.1. There is a Bug on DP5.1 related to the SPI units. You can read more on my last post here.

I've tried to update the SensorTag-Things application but I didn't work. DP5.1 has still problems with Bluetooth. Due to the crash by debugging, I found and reported another bug to Google. Read here.

Android Things

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#Tutorial: Getting started with Android Things

As the title says, this is a getting started with Android Things. It should be my first post, but, it's better now than never. I'm posting this to summarize the steps to install Android Things on your Raspberry Pi.

Google announced Android Things on December of 2016. It's a modified version of the Android that we all know, but for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The architecture of the SDK is described in the following figure:

Android Things Architecture
Fig.: Android Things SDK architecture (Source: Google)

As you can see, the core Android framework (the level below the Apps) is extended with additional APIs provided by the 'Things Support Library' (in orange). These APIs enable the integration of the apps with the new IoT devices.

Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things DP5.1


Android Things DP5.1 is out! and the bugs were fixed!!! You can check the release notes here!.

You don't need to change the config.txt for the display settings and the debugger issues were solved and it is working again (tested! - it stops at the breakpoints)!

You can download the zipped image using the Android Things Console! Check this post for more information!

There are some problems with my two Android Things repositories and the applications are not working as expected :( but I will be updating the GitHub repositories this weekend!

Stay tuned! and have a nice friday!

Android Things DP5

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#ProjectDIVA: Android Things DP5 (updated 24.08.2017)


Android Things DP5 is out and of course, new features are available.

The most important features are:

  • Runtime Pin Configuration
  • OpenGL 2.0 Support (that means hardware acceleration on the RPI!)
  • ViewWeb is available!

This time you need to use the Android Things Console to download the image as follows:

  1. Go to: Android Things Console and sign in using your Google credentials
  2. Click on: Create a new Product
  3. Go to: Factory Image
    • Select: Empty Bundle (if you don't have any app) and the Android Things v. OIR1.170720.015
    • Click on: Create Build Configuration
  4. Make a coffee or just wait a couple of minutes
  5. You get the .zip file which contains the .img file
  6. Use Win32DiskImage (Windows) or dd command (Linux/Mac) to flash the image on the micro-sd (click here for more info)


Problems were solved with Android Things DP5.1! Check here!

Unfortunately, I am having some problems with this version. The first problem... (continue reading!)

SensorTag Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: SensorTag Hub using a Raspberry Pi

Hi again!

Two posts in one day! Now the SensorTag CC2650 is running on Android Things. The Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a sensor hub, and the SensorTag can be connected to it using BLE. I modified the original app and now it is working on Android Things! Minimal changes were required, especially on the files related with the user interface. Moreover, WebView is still not supported on Android Things.

Android things title white

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#ProjectDIVA: nRF24Things Rev. 0.3

I've recently updated the nRF24Things project. I introduced some changes to the database main table (sensors) and to the handler class DatabaseHandler. Additionally, I added a second table for the payloads (payload). The two tables are related using the foreign key nodeID. I added some search options for the payloads: search by payloadID, nodeID etc.

Android Things

The main idea of this project is to measure the humidity, temperature, air quality etc. of a room with multiple sensors (may be using the PiCoBo's) inside and outside of it, and the doors and windows status, and with this information create a room data model to estimate and predict the room conditions. It is a big project; I start with the data logging.

Android Things

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#ProjectDIVA: Update 1.1

Hi everybody!

I've recently updated the code for the communication between the raspberry pi v3 and the rf24l01+ module using android things (0.)4.1.

You need the following things:

Android Things
Android Things Android Things (0.) 4.1

You can find more info about the project on .

I'm making a smart dehumidifier, so stay tuned more info is coming this week! (Update: here the link!)

#ProjectDIVA: Update 1

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#ProjectDIVA: Sensor mesh based on nrf24l01+ connected to Android Things (Update 1.0)

I've just uploaded the Java codes for the rf24, rf24Network and rf24Mesh that work with Android Things. This time I didn't write a library because I thought it was better to upload an Android project that can be opened with Android Studio (>2.2.3) and directly started on the Raspberry Pi. I think this can also work with NXP Pico i.MX6UL and IntelĀ® Edison with minor modifications (especially in the BoardDefaults file).

In this post you will find some explanations about Android Things (installing, connecting, debugging, speed, etc.), the wiring of the complete 'thing' , the Java code, the modifications that I added, and so on. Some screenshots and videos are also available.

If you find this article interesting, or if you find mistakes (grammar and spelling count too! ),

please leave a comment, share and/or like!

Android Things

I will be also uploading the codes for the node slaves (sensors) that I am using. They are based on Texas Instruments Launchpads. I have some board designs in Eagle too. #ProjectDIVA is big! so, I need some more time to cleanup code!

I thought of rewriting RF24Gateway and RF24Ethernet (both from TMRh20, btw all great developments!), but may be some time in the next weeks!

Let us start now!