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      #Elfter im Elften: Singles’ Day Deals (11.11 > single)

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      shopping day

      Today is Singles' Day or "Guanggun Jie" in Chinese, which is a popular shopping festival among young Chinese people, who celebrate their pride of being single! Thus, I got some discount codes from Banggood for Today and I'm publishing them here:

      This section is new in LeMaRiva|Tech and I will update it every day with new discount codes! I receive a list every day with new codes and I will use some analytics to select the best offers for you and automatically publish them there. Stay tuned!

      I cannot guarantee that all codes I published on this list work. I analyze the data (p...
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      #Banggood 13th Anniversary: be ready for the BIG Sales!

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      e-ink display

      Banggood is celebrating its 13th anniversary by launching a grand sales that takes place between the dates August 27th and September 18th (my birthday! :)).

      Fig. 1: Banggood's 13th anniversary image on an E-ink screen (tutorial)

      Banggood, founded in 2006 and located in Guangzhou, is the fourth largest international e-commerce retailer in China. By running its website www.banggood.com and smartphone applications, Banggood sells more than 500,000 types of products to the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia, Japan and ma...

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      #Raspberry Pi: Displaying images on an E-Ink screen

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      e-ink display
      raspberry pi

      Last week, I published an article about the Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display:

      This time, this tutorial is about processing and displaying images on the 7.5" e-ink screen as shown in Fig. 1b.

      Waveshare® 7.5" E-ink Screen connected to a Raspberry Pi
      Fig. 1a: E-ink Screen connected to a RPi
      running ePaperWidgets
      Fig. 1b: Banggood's 13th anniversary
      original image here

      Hardware & Software

      You find here a list of hardware and software that you could use for ...