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Inkdrop tech

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Hi there! the guys at InkDrop need some stars on GitHub! Follow the project and stayed tune! What? You don't know about! Ok, no problem: Here you got a description!

Docker Repository:


InkDrop is an open, easy-to-use and uncensorable social network. It is an open source project and can be considered the blockchain community’s answer to the major, privacy invading platforms we depend on today.

Today’s social networks are centrally controlled & moderated and they don’t pass back the proceeds to the creators. They rely on business models that are irreconcilable with user privacy and network access is blocked in many countries.

What makes it unique is that it runs fully decentralized on the Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS, which means that no data or content is being stored on any private servers. This is the promise of the new Web (Web3), where the network belongs to its users.

The integration of the native cryptocurrency Ether, is being used to incentivize fruitful user behavior and enable self-regulation of the network. Ultimately, the ones who advance the network as a whole are the ones that profit from it.

The social network is accessible via a user-friendly web app on and you can fork the open source code on GitHub.

seed fusion studio

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#Reviews: Fusion

On August I was contacted by Ben from Seeed Studio to review the Fusion service. I received a coupon, which could be used only to order PCB.

To define the Fusion service, I take this text from its website:

Seeed Fusion Service offers one-stop prototyping services for PCB manufacture,PCB assembly and other electronic and mechanical customized services such as CNC Milling, 3D printing and PCB layout services.

I didn't have at that time a design but I had something in mind that uses communication technology. I was experimenting using LoRa technology and I thought, I could managed to design a board that includes an ESP32, GPS, IMU, air quality sensors and datalogger together. The results is the BikeTracker board. I sent to Seed Fusion the board revision v1.0 (the actual revision is v1.4).

Note: Revision v1.0 was a quick and easy test. I took the board modules that I had (GPS module, IMU module and etc.) and I put them together on a PCB. It was only a test to see, if that was possible. If you plan to make the BikeTracker, you should download the latest revision. All the sensors are now on a single PCB, but it is difficult to solder ;). I already ordered the new boards on other PCB supplier, and I am in testing phase now. Stay tuned to see the latest design working.

I use Eagle to design the boards. Eagle is now part of Autodesk, but it has still a free limited software version for hobbyists and makers, which includes 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and an 80cm2 board area. That is enough for my design.

Raspad post banner min

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#Reviews: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi

This is my first review on a product that I bought. I hope you enjoy it! Advices and tips are welcome! Please leave me them in the comment section!

Update: I changed the title of the article from "#Reviews: RasPad - an open source tablet for Raspberry Pi" to "#Reviews: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi". The table is a close-source solution for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc.


At the beginning of March I supported the Kickstarter campaign called RasPad. I pledged for the Super Early Bird - RasPad which includes:

  • Power Adapter
  • RasPad Without Raspberry Pi

I didn't want the RasPad Kit because I had a Raspberry Pi B+ that I wasn't using.

The estimated delivery was May 2018, but as it usually happens with the Kickstarter campaign, it was delayed and arrived last week (12.09.2018).

RasPad kit!
Fig. 1: RasPad

Vision KIT

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Unboxing AIY Vision Kit. A surprise like #KORGER!

Unboxing Google AIY Vision Kit picked up at Target Manhattan Herald Square -New York!- ( . Also for the fans of Google AIY Voice Kit keep watching! If anyone made the same experience, please advise!

@Target: It will be great to hear from you!
@Google: Congratulations on your choice of business partner!

If you are going to buy something in this shop, please double check the package and the contain before you leave the shop!

Update 9.07.2018: I managed to get the money back after a 45-minute chat session.