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about me

Hello, folks!

My name is Mauro Riva, and I am an electronic engineer. I have over ten years of experience in technical fields related to data science and engineering, and since 2015, I have been working on data analytics and data engineering solutions to provide clients data-driven insights for competitive differentiation.


I studied electronic engineer in Rosario, Argentina, and then, I pursued a Ph.D. at a mechatronics institute in Hannover, Germany (my Dr.-Ing. Thesis is still on my desk. It's finished but on pause because of my start-up activities.). After I left academia, I co-founded and joined a start-up in the field of industrial data analytics. There, I was responsible for the strategic direction of the product portfolio as well as ensuring that projects, from the definition of technical and business requirements to the product implementation and the final report, were fully completed to the absolute satisfaction of the customers. In June 2022, I joined Deloitte Consulting GmbH as a Senior Consultant in the offering portfolio Artificial Intelligence & Data.

Since I was young, I have always built or programmed things to solve different problems. Github and the tech blog LeMaRiva Tech have been helping me publish those projects, improve my coding, my documentation, and my explaining/teaching skills, and they have given me the possibility to test and review innovative technologies. But the most important thing is that it connects me with the DIY and open-source communities which give me valuable feedback and evaluations.

My main activities on Github involve the practical application of machine learning, IoT devices, and other miscellaneous projects that I want to test and try.

Stay tuned!

Feel free to comment, improve and fork the repositories and projects. To stay tuned, 

and/or connect with me via LinkedIn (more info there about my daily job, vita, and skills) or Xing. If you are also interested, the following links describe my research career: