about me

This section will be almost always under construction. It's hard to speak about me. ;)

My name is Mauro Riva and I am a data enthusiast, engineer, and lifelong learner. I have nine years of experience in technical fields related to data science and since 2015, I have been working in solutions for industry 4.0. I am also a big fan of cloud solutions (more GCP), Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, TDD and CI/CD. These two last items are currently new fields that I am working on.

I am originally from Argentina, specifically from a small city called Capitán Bermúdez. Since 2010, I have been living and working in Hannover, Germany.

I worked for eight years at the Institute of Mechatronic System (Leibniz University Hannover), and the following links describe my research career:

In the last years, I have been developing hard- & software for data acquisition, micro services for data analytics and machine learning methods. You can find some videos on this YouTube channel.

Nowadays, I am in the fouding phase of an startup in the field of industrial data science: Fine|alyze. Feel free to folow the link, and learn more about the startup.