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      4 min | 2383

      #Portainer: Managing Docker Engines remotely over TCP socket (TLS)

      Analytics, Cloud Platforms | 4 min | 2383

      docker engine
      docker enviroments
      docker management
      google cloud platform
      raspberry pi

      This tutorial is about managing a Docker Engine remotely using Portainer connected to the protected Docker daemon socket (TCP port 2376). By default, you can manage Docker locally through a non-networked UNIX socket (option -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock while running Portainer). But, if you want the Docker Engine to be reachable through the network in a safe manner, you need to enable TLS by specifying the --tlsverify flag and pointing Docker’s --tlscacert flag to a CA certificate. Then, the daemon only accepts connections from clients that are authenticated by a certificate si...

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      7 min | 5238

      #GCP: Running OpenProject almost FREE

      Cloud Platforms | 7 min | 5238

      google cloud platform
      management software

      The last days, I was looking for an online project management tool with bug tracking system. The best platform that I know is Jira from Atlassian. Jira offers a bug tracking and agile project management, however, it costs between $8.33 and $10 (annual/monthly payment) for the standard version with under 10 accounts. We use Jira in Finealyze and I am very happy with it, but I was looking for a free alternative for myself. Then, I found OpenProject, which describes itself as "the leading open source project management software".

      OpenProject is offered in three different ways: Community, Cloud an...

    • Cloud Platforms, Home Automation, MicroPython
      2 min | 1686

      #Zerynth: ESP32 & Google IoT Core - Part 2: Getting data from Smart Power Outlets

      Cloud Platforms, Home Automation, MicroPython | 2 min | 1686

      google cloud platform
      smart power outlets

      This part 2 of the tutorial will allow you to get data from the smart power outlets and send it to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) throught the Google IoT Core and using an ESP32 programmed with Zerynth (Python). This data is not usually available to the user (directly, you need to use the power outlet application), and it is sent to the company servers.

      If you want to check, if your power outlets are compatible for this tutorial, they should have the...

    • Cloud Platforms, MicroPython
      7 min | 4839

      #Zerynth: ESP32 & Google IoT Core - Part 1: Sending data to the Cloud

      Cloud Platforms, MicroPython | 7 min | 4839

      data access
      google cloud platform
      home automation

      There are lot of tutorials about connecting the ESP32 to a cloud service, but I planned to connect these boards using MicroPython directly to the cloud. That means, I didn't want to use a hardware or software bridge. I wanted to use the Google IoT Core, but MicroPython doesn't support JSON Web Token (JWT), which is needed for the device authentication. I tried to write the library myself, but it didn't work, because of the needed dependencies and the small mem...