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  • MicroPython
    1 min | 6173

    #MicroPython: Weather Report using NEO-M8N

    MicroPython | 1 min | 6173

    Hi! I had two busy months, I've been writting my PhD-Thesis, and another paper and yeap... sorry! I forgot to update the blog!


    Three weeks ago, I received a Ublox NEO-M8N GPS and I tested it with the code that I had. I said it should work, but as you know it always needs some modifications! The NEO-M8N supports GLONASS and GPS, so the $GP changes to $GN, e.g. $GPGGA (GPS) > $GNGGA (GPS+GLONASS).

    The following changes were added:

    # lines 604-606:
    if self.gps_segments[0][2:] in self.supported_sentences:
        # parse the Sentence Based on the message type, return True if parse is clean                        
        if self.supported_sentences[self.gps_segments[0][2:]](self): 
    # line 798:
    # All the currently supported NMEA sentences
    supported_sentences = {'RMC': gprmc, 'GGA': gpgga, 'VTG': gpvtg, 'GSA': gpgsa, 'GSV': gpgsv, 'GLL': gpgll} # GPS + GLONASS

    I bought it here:

    The cold start needs a bit more time (estimated), but the module has a battery, then the warm start is much more faster (under 10 second). Please note that the VCC and GND pins are switched w.r.t. the NEO-6M board!