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  • Product Reviews
    1 min | 995


    Product Reviews | 1 min | 995

    Hi there! the guys at InkDrop need some stars on GitHub! Follow the project and stayed tune! What? You don't know about! Ok, no problem: Here you got a description!

    GitHubRepository: inkdrop-app


    InkDrop is an open, easy-to-use and uncensorable social network. It is an open source project and can be considered the blockchain community’s answer to the major, privacy invading platforms we depend on today.

    Today’s social networks are centrally controlled & moderated and they don’t pass back the proceeds to the creators. They rely on business models that are irreconcilable with user privacy and network access is blocked in many countries.

    What makes it unique is that it runs fully decentralized on the Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS, which means that no data or content is being stored on any private servers. This is the promise of the new Web (Web3), where the network belongs to its users.

    The integration of the native cryptocurrency Ether, is being used to incentivize fruitful user behavior and enable self-regulation of the network. Ultimately, the ones who advance the network as a whole are the ones that profit from it.

    The social network is accessible via a user-friendly web app on and you can fork the open source code on GitHub.