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  • MicroPython, Product Reviews
    2 min | 8678

    #M5Stack Tough: A weatherproof ESP32 Industrial IoT controller

    MicroPython, Product Reviews | 2 min | 8678

    M5Stack has launched several ESP32 IoT controllers with an integrated touch display such as the M5Stack Core2, the M5Paper, etc. Today, a new Core family member was presented: the M5Stack TOUGH. This device is rugged and dustproof/waterproof with a UV-resistant enclosure sealed with an o-ring and offers waterproof M12 connectors. M5Stack TOUGH is now available for purchase for $49.90 on the company’s store (check out the link below).

    The protection against solid objects, dust, sand, dirt, and water drops, as well as a variety of installation options such as screw mount, rolled strip, magnetic and adhesive back, make the M5Stack TOUGH suitable for demanding environments from kitchens to factory floors, and outdoor data acquisition.

    M5Stack Tough
    Fig. 1: M5Stack TOUGH

    Let's see the specifications and if you need it, you can find the schematic here:

    • SoC – ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 @ 240 MHz dual core, 520 KB RAM, 2.4 GHz WiFi, and dual-mode Bluetooth
    • Extra RAM – 8MB PSRAM
    • Storage – 16MB internal Flash, MicroSD card slot up to 16GB
    • Display – 2-inch color LCD with multi-touch capacitive screen, 320×240 resolution, 853nit brightness; ILI9342C display driver and CHSC6540 chip
    • Audio – NS4168 16-bit I2S amplifier, 1W speaker
    • USB – 1x USB port for power and programming
    • Expansion – RS485/I2C/GPIO/UART interface (internal header)
    • Programming – Via CH9102 USB to TTL chip
    • Misc – HY8563 RTC
    • Rugged – Waterproof and Dustproof, UV resistant enclosure design protection
    • Power Supply
      • 5V @ 500 mA via USB interface
      • 12V @ 1A via RS485 interface
      • Integrated AXP192 PMU, 12V to 5V flexible DC/DC converter
    • Dimensions – 76 x 58 x 41 mm
    • Weight – 108 grams

    The combination of the AXP192 and the HY8563 RTC makes the M5TOUGH ideal for application that needs low power consumption. The HY8563 RTC can wake the ESP32 when needed, and the AXP192 provides exact information about the power consume and battery status.

    M5Stack Tough
    Fig. 2: Opening a M5Stack TOUGH

    Removing the top side of the device (where the display and the ESP32 are located) gives you access to the USB port, expansion header, and I2C connector. The enclosure height of 41mm should give you some space for extra sensors if needed that can be connected through the TOUGH.EXT board, which is inside the enclosure. This board exposes more headers for I2C, GPIO, UART, PWR, and RS485. CAUTION: The board is not designed to be immersed. A clear ingress protection rating is not provided by M5Stack.

    The board can be, as usual, programmed using the ESP-IDF framework, the Arduino IDE, or UIFlow visual programming IDE. The M5Stack TOUGH kit comes with a one-meter USB cable for power, an Allen key, the waterproof weather ring, and other connecting wires. The core module seems to be like the M5Stack Core2. Thus, the MicroPython version that I extended for the Core2 should work with this M5Stack too.