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  • General
    2 min | 1352

    #Blog: Starting this thing!

    General | 2 min | 1352

    Hi everyone, my name is Mauro Riva and I have been working in Hannover, Germany since 2010. I am originally from Argentina (Capitán Bermúdez).  My programming languages are Python, node.js, C, C++, C#, qt, VB.NET, html, javascript, php, mysql, matlab, some structured text for PLC and some java.

    I work at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (Leibniz University Hannover) where I am finishing my PhD thesis on the field of identification and control (working title “Online Parameter and Covariance Identification on Mechatronic Systems”). The thesis includes development of adaptive observers (derivatives of Kalman Filter) which can be tuned online.

    Professionally, I am a part of the team “Integrated Systems & Machine Learning”. We focus on “Industry 4.0” and we are connecting machines to the cloud for additional benefits. Right now, we are developing hardware and software for that purpose. It’s a great challenge and I like that. Machine learning and data mining have a lot of prospect. Also, I am a “kind of” sysadmin at the Institute…

    One of many hobbies is trying to learn some hacking skills (white hat, of course), and another is developing “iot” solutions (well some boards with some functions – not big projects). Because of these two things, I have decided to open this blog, and make my hardware designs, codes, etc. open source and also I want to share my experience with you. I am a fan of Texas Instruments launchpads, I use raspberry pi, beaglebone/boards, pine64, and my last acquisition a wipy 2.0.

    In the coming days, months, I am going to publish codes and hardware designs that I have been developing during the past years. BUT BEFORE, I have to clean and comment them a little bit. Please stay tuned to my GitHub repositories, and follow my posts.

    Launchpads, rpi, teensy, etc.
    Some of my LaunchPads, Beagleboards, rPI, Pine64, etc.

    I had this idea for long time, but it seemed that something always got into the way. I think that’s time now. Hope you enjoy this sort of blog and give me the chance to enter the community! I am currently using Pagekit as web platform, maybe that changes in the future, but I still find it cool!... I am not using Pagekit anymore. I've migrated the blog to OctoberCMS