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  • Tag: blog

    • General
      1 min | 1855

      #Blog: From Pagekit to OctoberCMS

      General | 1 min | 1855

      Just a small post. I've migrated the blog from Pagekit CMS to OctoberCMS. Pagekit was a nice CMS, but unfortunately the project is almost dead, so I've decided to migrate to OctoberCMS.

      Why I didn't choose Wordpress? Well, I hate Wordpress. I've tried a lot, but everytime I found that it was not for me.

      So, I have a ToDo for you: If you find something that it is not working, please use the contact formular or the comment section below to inform me! I've checked everything, but I've migrated almost 100 pages (articles, static pages etc.) and all the meta information and probably I forgot some...

    • General
      2 min | 1360

      #Blog: Starting this thing!

      General | 2 min | 1360

      Hi everyone, my name is Mauro Riva and I have been working in Hannover, Germany since 2010. I am originally from Argentina (Capitán Bermúdez).  My programming languages are Python, node.js, C, C++, C#, qt, VB.NET, html, javascript, php, mysql, matlab, some structured text for PLC and some java.

      I work at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (Leibniz University Hannover) where I am finishing my PhD thesis on the field of identification and control (working title “Online Parameter and Covariance Identification on Mechatronic Systems”). The thesis includes development of adaptive observers (deriv...