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  • Product Reviews
    2 min | 5615

    #Crowbits: Programmable Blocks for STEM Education (ESP32, Arduino and Micro:bit compatible!)

    Product Reviews | 2 min | 5615

    Late last year, I posted an article about the Elecrow CrowPi2. The laptop integrates plenty of electronics modules and I will be publishing a review later this month. But, this article is about the Crowbits. The folks at Elecrow are great and they have launched the Crowbits magnetic electronic blocks for STEM education, and the devices are ESP32, Arduino, and Micro:bit compatible.

    Playing with Crowbits
    Fig. 1: Playing with Crowbits

    There are over 80 programmable electronic magnetic modules and bricks (see Fig. 2), with three different sizes ( large, middle, and small modules) and colors that indicates different functionalities (see Fig. 3). Blue indicates power control and logic control blocks, green output, yellow input, and orange blocks are for advanced programming. Out of the 80+ modules, around 30 can be used without programming at all!

     Over 80 programmable electronic magnetic modules and bricks
    Fig. 2: Over 80 programmable electronic magnetic modules and bricks.
     Three different sizes and colors that indicate different functionalities
    Fig. 3: Three different sizes and colors that indicate different functionalities.

    The campaign has already started on February 24th, and the company has received pledges almost 8x over its goal of $9,994! But it’s not too late to send in your pledge since there are still 5 days left before the end of the fundraiser.

    Crowbits comes in 5 different kits (see Fig. 4) to let users learn basic electronics and programming knowledge:

    • Hello Kit: designed for beginners and younger pupils without programming knowledge (see Fig. 5);
    • Explorer Kit: adds 8 modules to build more dynamic and creative projects (see Fig. 6);
    • Inventor Kit: based on Micro:bit, adds 8 modules and bricks to get started with programming (see Fig. 7);
    • Creator Kit: based on Arduino for more advanced learners (see Fig. 8);
    • Master Kit: based on an ESP32 and adds a TFT display for more complex projects like creating a phone or a gaming console (see Fig. 9).
    Crowbits - Master Kit
    Fig. 4: Crowbits - Kits and modules that you can build
    Crowbits - Hello Kit
    Fig. 5: Crowbits - Hello Kit
    Crowbits - Exporer Kit
    Fig. 6: Crowbits - Exporer Kit
    Crowbits - Inventor Kit
    Fig. 7: Crowbits - Inventor Kit
    Crowbits - Inventor Kit
    Fig. 8: Crowbits - Creator Kit
    Crowbits - Master Kit
    Fig. 9: Crowbits - Master Kit

    On top of this, Crowbits has just won the Red dot award of 2021. :)

    Rewards start at around $26 for the Hello Kit, and up to about $90 for the Master or Creator kit. The company also offers bundles with multiple kits. The shipping fee is not included in the price and will be determined after the campaign ends. All orders are expected to ship to customers by June 2021, if everything goes according to plans.

    So, get your kids curious, they deserve this coding toy! Support the campaign and get your rewards!