Wipy 2.0 ST7735S Ublox

#MicroPython: Weather Report Box

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I've just uploaded some code for the Wipy 2.0. I wanted to write some python code. That was why I took the Wipy 2.0 and programmed something like a weather report box. In this project the Wipy 2.0 reads the GPS coordinates via UART, then makes a web get request using the API of openweathermap, and after that the results are displayed on a LCD.

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Python Code: https://goo.gl/v7NCkj

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Wipy 2.0 Wipy 2.0 x 1
NEO-6M Ublox NEO-6M (*) x 1
NEO-M8N Ublox NEO-M8N x 1
ST7735 ST7735 x 1

(*) For this project I used the Ublox NEO-6M but you should probably buy the new NEO-M8N (see here)

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Software apps and online services:

Open Weather Map Open Weather Map API x 1


Wipy 2.0 NEO-6M ST7735
3.3v VCC VCC
P3(G12) RX
P4(G11) TX
P6(G13) RES
P7(G14) RS/DC
P8(G15) CS
P10(G17) SCL
P11(G22) SDA

These are the default connection setting, you can change them using the constructor of the Display class as

my_display = Display(self, uSPI=0, pinDC='P7', pinCS='P8', pinRST='P6')


  1. Download the complete Github repository
  2. Update your Wipy firmware
  3. Register on Open Weather Map Open Weather Map API to get an API key.
  4. Connect the GPS module and the ST7735 display as indicated in the Wiring section.
  5. Modify the boot.py file to enter your SSID and WPA password.
    • Note: the firmware (1.5.0.b2 and I think early versions too) has a bug and the DNS server is not set if you use static IP address and this is needed to resolve the get request.
  6. Modify the main.py file to include your API key: API variable under updatingWeather(self, my_gps, my_display) method -line 40-.
  7. Optional: change the GPS and Weather update rates in milliseconds in the main.py file:
    • UPDATE_GPS = const(10000) (default = 10 seconds)
    • UPDATE_WEATHER = const(50000) (default = 50 seconds)
  8. Copy the all the files to the flash memory of the Wipy 2.0 and restart the board.



  • Revision 0.1b

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