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    #MicroPython: Christmas lights!

    MicroPython | 1 min | 1664

    I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! and to celebrate this evening I've just uploaded a new repository for the Wipy 2.0. Some Christmas lights using the WS2812B!

    Things used in this project

    Hardware components

    Video Preview


    boot.py: add your ssid, wlan password, and configure the ip address. You need this file if you want to connect the Wipy 2.0 to your router, otherwise you can avoid copying it and the Wipy remains as an wlan access point.

    main.py: you find some options here. The most important option is ledNumber. Set this value correctly.


    • dimmer_step: increase/decrese step by dimming (default: 0.05)
    • dimer_min_level: min dimming level (default: 65%)
    • sleep_time: time in milliseconds to wait between dimming steps (default: 250ms)
    • rotate_max: max step for rotating (default: 50 steps)
    • sleep_time_fast: time in milliseconds to wait between rotating steps (default: 150ms)

    You can also change the dimming colors:

    • red,green,blue,gold variables in main.py, and ...
    • the rotating colors red,green,blue,gold variables in leds.py.


    green cable ledsP11 (or G22 from the extension board)
    black cable ledsGND

    More info & help

    I am looking forward for a better next year! and remember to be happy is the greatest wish in life.