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    #Hacking: Hey, YOU! Online SAS user! STOP now!

    General | 1 min | 1212

    I got you! Please stop trying to hack my website! It's just a small blog! You are ruining my stats! ;)

    Sorry to the other users!, but the last two weeks, someone was using the cloud system ofOnline SAS to try to hack my website. Yes, you heard that right! Someone is trying to hack this small blog! and I can tell you: That's illegal! ;) In the terms and conditions of Online SAS that is NOT allowed! ;P

    Are Paris IP-addresses going to be the next Nigeria IP-addresses? abuseipdb.com has a lot of Paris IP-addresses declared as risky!

    Leave a comment, if you have more info, and if you are the guy trying to hack my website, please STOP!!!


    ProfRae 09.26.2018

    What an asshole for trying to hack your blog site! Seems like a breach of trust-don't this guy know there's 'honor among thieves' even for black hats? Apparently not! P.S. We had a very similar issue from the same Online SAS on a small content site we were running and we changed the URL due to this shit bag--prob. same guy I imagine. Good luck with this.