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    #ProjectDIVA: SensorTag Hub using a Raspberry Pi

    Android Things | 1 min | 1605

    Two posts in one day! Now the SensorTag CC2650 is running on Android Things. The Raspberry Pi 3 can be used as a sensor hub, and the SensorTag can be connected to it using BLE. I modified the original app and now it is working on Android Things! Minimal changes were required, especially on the files related with the user interface. Moreover, WebView is still not supported on Android Things.

    The code can be found here:

    Java **Code:** https://goo.gl/CkKzNL

    Hardware & Software

    As I said before, I am planning to collect the sensor data in this case using the Raspberry Pi 3 and publish on a Google Cloud IoT PubSub topic.

    May be, I can combine nRF24Things and this application.