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    #Zigbee: Reading Xiaomi Sensors with a Raspberry Pi (no Xiaomi gateway needed!)

    Home Automation, Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 2 min | 6506

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    I've been very busy the last weeks. I moved to a new apartment and I was living between moving boxes. Four days ago, I managed to put my desk together and now I have some time (not a lot) to write a new article.

    Last month I've received from GearBest two Aqara sensors:

    These sensors use Zigbee and I connected them to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OS and a dockerized version of Home Assistant (DIY tutorial). This connection was made without using any Xiaomi gateway (DIY tutorial).

    Hardware and Software

    Aqara Cube
    • Aqara Cube

      internal motion sensors (gyro + accelerometers)

    Aqara Sensor
    • Aqara WSDCGQ11LM

      humidity, temperature and air pressure sensors

    Raspberry Pi
    • Rasbperry PI B+
    home assistant
    • Home assistant + ZigBee tutorial
    Aqara Sensors
    • Aqara Zigbee Sensors

    The Aqara WSDCGQ11LM sends the following information:


    and the Cube reports the following:


    The detected actions are:

    • wakeup,
    • flip90 or flip180,
    • rotate_left or rotate_right,
    • shake, slide or tap.

    which can be combined with different actions.

    Error Messages

    The Aqara WSDCGQ11LM was easy to pair: it worked only pushing the link button twice. However, when I was trying to pair the Aqara Cube, the log reported the following:

    "Device with modelID 'undefined' is not supported" 

    I looked for solutions, and I found the following one helpful (source):

    1. Press and hold the link button (it will blink rapidly) until it blinks 3x times, release it and wait for the 1x blink
    2. Press the link button, release it and wait for the 1x times blink
    3. Repeat Step 2 ca. 20x times.

    It is just a paring problem, once connected everything works properly.


    • Thanks Betty (GearBest) for your support! New articles are coming soon!
    • Thanks Nok for helping out to put my desk and the apartment together! :)


    The item links are pointing now to Banggood. The cooperation with Gearbest did not run as I anticipated. :( They are still a good company, but their preference for rapid posting with less detail evaluation is not my working style. The aim of LeMaRiva|Tech is to offer genuine reviews of products for further developments, no copy-and-paste here :)! I only review actual products that I have on my desk to work with. Thus, cooperation with Gearbest is suspended until further notice.