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    #Raspberry Pi 4B: Where were the quality controls?

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    On July 4th, I ordered a Raspberry Pi 4B. To be honest, I really didn't/don't need a new Raspberry Pi, I don't have any specific task for it, but I saw some cool stuff on the Internet, and I said: Ok, I need one! Thus, I bought the 4GB model on Reichelt. The expected delivery date was on July 10th but, I had to wait a little longer and I got it on July 17th! Everything was ok, and I got the following closed and sealed box (see Fig. 1):

    Fig. 1: Box of the Raspberry Pi Model 4B (4GB RAM)

    But, as soon as I opened the box, my joy faded! :( With a quick visual control, I checked that the 1.0nF (±5%) tantalum capacitor located between the Ethernet and the USB ports was broken (see Fig. 2)! One of the legs was soldered to the board, but the capacitor was flying!

    Fig. 2: Raspberry Pi Model 4B (4GB RAM) board. The tantalum capacitor is broken

    I thought, I can change it, but I didn't have any 1.0nF tantalum (I think, it is 1210?), and moreover, the board could have more than one problem, because the quality control was not enough! It was simple to see, that the capacitor was broken, and they didn't check it at all! I am quite disappointed. "Made in the UK" does not guarantee good products!?! :S.

    I never had any problem with a Raspberry Pi, but this was sent back to Reichelt. I didn't want the money back, but a replacement. Reichelt was fast enough to process my claim, but I am still waiting for the product. The first delivery date was 19/07/2019, then, it changed to 20/08/2019 and now, it is the 02/09/2019 :(... I'm sadly desperate...

    Update 18/08/2019

    I received the Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB RAM) yesterday and this time, it looks like everything is OK.

    Fig. 3: Raspberry Pi Model 4B (4GB RAM) board and this time, the board is ok


    Aaron 08.25.2019

    Wow. Not only do they not test them, they don't even inspect them.

    freq 09.06.2019

    What a bummer. I've ordered >10 RPIs from the internet. Mostly from Chicago Dist and Adafruit. Luckily, no issues! Although, I did expect at least one of them to be faulty. When I saw yours, I was really shocked. Yours was never even powered on and/or booted up. Good news: I'm very much enjoying my RPI4/4GB as a headless server. True Ethernet, PCI-E, USB 3, upgraded power source, push/pull sd card slot. This is what the RPI needed to be; it's useful for a diverse group of hobbyists!