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  • General, MicroPython
    1 min | 2162

    #Collector: Things that I recently bought - XIAOMI Wowstick & ESP32 8MB PSRAM

    General, MicroPython | 1 min | 2162

    This is a misc. small article. Two month ago, I bought on Banggood two articles that I wanted to show you, but this time, these are not connected to an application, code or a detailed product review. This is only a misc. article to describe my purchase: The Xiaomi Wowstick Screw Driver and the TTGO ESP32 WROVER with 8MB PSRAM.


    Xiaomi Wowstick

    If you are looking for a very small electric screw driver, then the Xiaomi Wowstick is an option for you. It includes everything that you need except the batteries. You need two AAA batteries and you can start disarming toys, clocks, cellphones, etc. The box includes the electric screw driver, 18 standard screwdriver bits and a package cloth bag. You can also see the upgraded kit here. That kit includes everything you need to repair your camera, cellphone, etc. and the electric screw driver has a rechargeable Lithium battery.


    I was looking for a development board that includes the ESP32 WROVER-B, which has 8MB PSRAM and last month, I found that the LILYGOĀ® TTGO was the solution. The board not only includes the ESP32 WROVER-B but also a 18650 battery socket. This means: portability! I usually program the ESP32 using MicroPython and I had some problems with the RAM (out of memory!). The Wipy 3.0 with 4MB was a temporary solution, but this board doubles the RAM and it costs less than half. New projects with MicroPython are coming! :)