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      #Gearbest: I bought something there and I regret it!

      Product Reviews | 3 min | 228

      I've never used my blog to criticize a company. But this time, I need to express my complete disappointment with Gearbest. The last days, I have had the worst shipping experience, and I do have extensively worked with companies in and outside of the EU. In a nutshell, I ordered a home appliance on Feb. 21, and I'm still waiting to receive it. They've extended the shipping deadline twice (each time for one month), and now the tracking number has expired.

      2020-05-07 15:00:09
      Hungary, Customs clearance processing complete.
      2020-03-04 10:00:03
      Hungary, Parcel is in clearance.
      2020-02-28 17:00:36