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    #TI: SensorTag working on Android 8.1

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    Thanks Sal for your comments on the article TI: Sensortag CC2650 . This is for you and those who are playing with TI SensorTag!

    I've updated the repository of the Texas Instrument (TI) SensorTag CC2650. The repository can be found here . As you may know TI doesn't update the repository anymore. The original last open source repository of the application can be found here .

    I've wrote an article last year as I migrated and updated the repository:

    Today, I've updated the repository to support Android 8.1 (>6.0). The main modification was that Android >6.0 needs location permission for BLE to work. It was first reported as a bug but Google closed the report with status: Won't Fix (Intended Behavior):

    To access the hardware identifiers of nearby external devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scans, 
    your app must now have the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permissions