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      Mar - 2019

      Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 4126

      #Edge-TPU: Coral USB Accelerator + rPI + Docker

      Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 4126

      machine learning
      object detection

      In summer 2018, Google announced two Edge TPU devices for machine learning. These are now available under the Coral brand. Two weeks ago, I bought the Coral USB Accelerator. It is a portable USB accessory that brings machine learning inferencing to existing systems and it is compatible with Raspberry Pi and other Linux systems.

      Coral USB Accelerator
      Fig. 1: Coral USB Accelerator, Raspberry Pi Camera and a RasPad

      I wanted to test the performance of the Edge-TPU on my Raspberry Pi3, and as I have every application running on Docker on my Raspberry Pi, I've created a Docker image with everything inside t...

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      Feb - 2019

      Raspberry Pi | 5 min | 2589

      #Raspberry Pi: CUPS Printer Server using Docker

      Raspberry Pi | 5 min | 2589

      cup server
      print server
      raspberry pi

      A good friend of mine has an old printer and he was always thinking of buying some adapter to make it Wi-Fi compatible. He actually bought one, but it was not compatible! I told him to buy a Raspberry Pi W Zero and build a CUPS Print Server, but he did not have time to do that, so I planned as XMas gift! I hope he is not going to read this before he gets his present. :) - If you received this as a gift, your instructions are here.

      A big challenge was to make it plug & play. I did not want to have his Wi-Fi credentials, and he should not use a terminal over SSH to configure it. I looked for som...

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      Sep - 2018

      Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 870

      #Review: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi

      Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 870

      raspberry pi
      table for raspberry pi
      touch screen

      This is my first review on a product that I bought. I hope you enjoy it! Advices and tips are welcome. Please leave me them in the comment section.

      Update: I changed the title of the article from "#Reviews: RasPad - an open source tablet for Raspberry Pi" to "#Reviews: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi". The table is a close-source solution for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc. (thanks Zykino for your advice!)


      At the beginning of March I supported the Kickstarter campaign called RasPad. I pledged for the Super Early Bird - RasPad...