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    • Raspberry Pi

      Raspberry Pi

      The Raspberry Pi is the most popular ARM Linux hobbyist board. There are plenty of how-to and tutorials on the web. However, not a lot like in this blog. I try to find new limits and functionalities of the board and make projects that includes home-automation, industrial data acquisition, and more.

    • Home Automation, Raspberry Pi
      3 min | 50527

      #Zigbee: Flashing a CC2531 dongle using a Raspberry Pi

      Home Automation, Raspberry Pi | 3 min | 50527

      Last April, I published a tutorial about connecting the Aqara sensors to a Raspberry Pi without using the Xiaomi Gateway. To make that possible, I needed a CC Debugger to flash the TI CC2531 Zigbee Dongle. This debugger was used only one time, and then the Zigbee-USB dongle worked without any problem.

      In this article, I will cover a way to flash the CC2531 without the CC Debugger. This reduces project costs (about $10 for debugger + cable adapters) and waitin...

    • Raspberry Pi
      2 min | 6766

      #Raspberry Pi 4B: Where were the quality controls?

      Raspberry Pi | 2 min | 6766

      On July 4th, I ordered a Raspberry Pi 4B. To be honest, I really didn't/don't need a new Raspberry Pi, I don't have any specific task for it, but I saw some cool stuff on the Internet, and I said: Ok, I need one! Thus, I bought the 4GB model on Reichelt. The expected delivery date was on July 10th but, I had to wait a little longer and I got it on July 17th! Everything was ok, and I got the following closed and sealed box (see Fig. 1):

      Fig. 1: Box of the Raspberry Pi Model 4B (4GB RAM)

      But, as soon as I opened the box, my joy faded! :( With a quick visual control, I checked tha...

    • Home Automation, Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi
      2 min | 11533

      #Zigbee: Reading Xiaomi Sensors with a Raspberry Pi (no Xiaomi gateway needed!)

      Home Automation, Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 2 min | 11533

      I've been very busy the last weeks. I moved to a new apartment and I was living between moving boxes. Four days ago, I managed to put my desk together and now I have some time (not a lot) to write a new article.

      Last month I've received from GearBest two Aqara sensors:

      • Aqara Cube - internal motion sensors (gyro + accelerometers)
      • Aqara humidity, temperature and air pressure

      These sensors use Zigbee and I connected them to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian OS and a dockerized version o...

    • Raspberry Pi
      4 min | 6928

      #Edge-TPU: Hands-On with Google's Coral USB accelerator

      Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 6928

      Last week, the Coral team released updates to the Coral platform to "address customer feedback and make it easier to use the products and tool-chain". The Python API has now the ability to run multiple models in parallel, using multiple Edge TPUs.

      Thus, due to the multiple changes, I updated the Docker image lemariva/raspbian-edgetpu which includes the Edge-TPU libraries for Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Jupyter Notebooks and some other interesting libraries (check the Dockerfile).

    • Home Automation, Raspberry Pi
      5 min | 21775

      #Raspberry Pi: Xiaomi Sensors & Home Assistant (

      Home Automation, Raspberry Pi | 5 min | 21775

      Last week, I published an article about using Xiaomi sensors without a Xiaomi Gateway. The gateway/hub can be replaced with a Raspberry Pi and a USB-ZigBee dongle. You find the instructions here: #ZigBee: Xiaomi Sensors using Raspberry Pi (without Gateway!).

      As you can read in that article, two repositories are available to connect and process the data from the Xiaomi sensors. Additionally, Zigbee2mqtt can be connected to Well, I didn't want to use HassOS (the OS on which runs), but I wanted to use running on Raspbian, otherwise with Home Assistant running as an appli...

    • Home Automation, Raspberry Pi
      6 min | 89573

      #Zigbee: Xiaomi Sensors using Raspberry Pi (without Gateway!)

      Home Automation, Raspberry Pi | 6 min | 89573

      This tutorial allows you to connect Xiaomi (or Aqara) sensors (e.g. door, pir, temperature, water, switch) to a Raspberry Pi or similar system without using any Xiaomi Gateway.

      This is what I will try to accomplish in this tutorial:

      1. Flash the USB-Zigbee Dongle with the correct FW
      2. Install a broker to connect to the sensors
      3. Configure the sensors using the...
    • Raspberry Pi
      4 min | 13081

      #Edge-TPU: Coral USB Accelerator + rPI + Docker

      Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 13081

      In summer 2018, Google announced two Edge TPU devices for machine learning. These are now available under the Coral brand. Two weeks ago, I bought the Coral USB Accelerator. It is a portable USB accessory that brings machine learning inferencing to existing systems and it is compatible with Raspberry Pi and other Linux systems.

      Coral USB Accelerator
      Fig. 1: Coral USB Accelerator, Raspberry Pi Camera and a RasPad

      I wanted to test the performance of the Edge-TPU on my Raspberry Pi3, and as ...

    • Raspberry Pi
      5 min | 20483

      #Raspberry Pi: CUPS Printer Server using Docker

      Raspberry Pi | 5 min | 20483

      A good friend of mine has an old printer and he was always thinking of buying some adapter to make it Wi-Fi compatible. He actually bought one, but it was not compatible! I told him to buy a Raspberry Pi W Zero and build a CUPS Print Server, but he did not have time to do that, so I planned as XMas gift! I hope he is not going to read this before he gets his present. :) - If you received this as a gift, your instructions are here.

      A big challenge was to make it plug & play. I did not want to have his Wi-Fi credentials, and he should not use a terminal over SSH to configure it. I looked for som...

    • Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi
      4 min | 1858

      #Review: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi

      Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 1858

      This is my first review on a product that I bought. I hope you enjoy it! Advices and tips are welcome. Please leave me them in the comment section.

      Update: I changed the title of the article from "#Reviews: RasPad - an open source tablet for Raspberry Pi" to "#Reviews: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi". The table is a close-source solution for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc. (thanks Zykino for your advice!)