Wipy 2.0 ST7735S Ublox

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#Wipy2.0: Weather Report Box

  wipy   gps   weather   display   micropython

Hi again!... First of all:

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I've just uploaded some code for the Wipy 2.0. I wanted to write some python. That was why I took the Wipy 2.0 and programmed something like a weather report box: In this project the Wipy 2.0 reads the GPS coordinates via UART, then makes a web get request using the API of openweathermap, and after that the results are displayed on a LCD.

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Python Code: https://goo.gl/v7NCkj

#ProjectDIVA: Update 1

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#ProjectDIVA: Update 1

  android things   raspberry pi   nrf24l001+

I've just uploaded the Java codes for the rf24, rf24Network and rf24Mesh that work with Android Things. This time I didn't write a library because I thought it was better to upload an Android project that can be opened with Android Studio (>2.2.3) and directly started on the Raspberry Pi. I think this can also work with NXP Pico i.MX6UL and Intel® Edison with minor modifications (especially in the BoardDefaults file).

In this post you will find some explanations about Android Things (installing, connecting, debugging, speed, etc.), the wiring of the complete 'thing' , the Java code, the modifications that I added, and so on. Some screenshots and videos are also available.

If you find this article interesting, or if you find mistakes (grammar and spelling count too! ),

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Android Things
rf24Things: https://goo.gl/GSwRlq

I will be also uploading the codes for the node slaves (sensors) that I am using. They are based on Texas Instruments Launchpads. I have some board designs in Eagle too. #ProjectDIVA is big! so, I need some more time to cleanup code!

I thought of rewriting RF24Gateway and RF24Ethernet (both from TMRh20, btw all great developments!), but may be some time in the next weeks!

Let us start now!

Website New Style

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#Blog: New Style v0.2!

  websites   css   html5   style


CSSHTML5 I've just updated the website style! I was using theme-brick (Pagekit) without any modification, but I added some today!

I hope you find it cool! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it! Stay tuned, I am loading some new codes!

Happy New Year!!!

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#TI: Happy New Year 2017!!!

  c++   happy new year   2017   nrf24l001+

Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through!!!

Happy New Year!

This week has been a very busy one for me. But 2017 starts, and I have some new codes to publish!

How I start? Ok, I've been working (may be playing) with Android Things using a Raspberry Pi v3, and I've been rewriting some of my libraries!.

I leave here the link to the RF24Mesh library (still in C++) for the TI Launchpads (almost no-modification from the original):

C++ RF24Mesh: https://goo.gl/bQbpsh

but click here to read more about Android Things and the rf24Network!...


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#TI: Connecting the tm4c1294xl to a ov7670

  c++   camera   launchpads   texas instruments

I have just uploaded two repositories related to the EK-TM4C1294XL!

You can:

C Take photos over serial interface: https://goo.gl/8PlS7y
Stream (slow) video over webserver: https://goo.gl/gQDFTO

Connect the OmniVision ov7670 -old but everywhere- (version with FIFO AL422B) to the LaunchPad Tiva™ C Series EK-TM4C1294XL and take photos over serial interface, or use the http webserver to get a (slow) video streaming.

TI Launchpads

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#Blog: Starting this thing!

  programming languages   starting this thing!

Hi everyone, my name is Mauro and I have been working in Hannover, Germany since 2010. I am originally from Argentina (Capitán Bermúdez). My programming languages are C, C++, C#, qt, python, VB.NET, html, javascript, node.js, php, mysql, matlab and some structured text for PLC and some java. Of course, I am constantly improving my skills for each language. 

C C++ C# qt Python vb.net html5 javascript nodejs php mysql Java Matlab