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      Jan - 2017

      PCB/Board designs
      2 min | 2945

      #TI: Happy New Year 2017!!!

      PCB/Board designs | 2 min | 2945

      android things
      raspberry pi

      Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through!!!

      Happy New Year!

      This week has been a very busy one for me. But 2017 starts, and I have some new codes to publish!

      How I start? Ok, I've been working (may be playing) with Android Things using a Raspberry Pi v3, and I've been rewriting some of my libraries!.

      First, I thought, let's try SWIG and wrap the C/C++ codes to use them with Java. But, then I realized, that I needed a wrapper in wrapper, which I think is not possible (I am not an expert with these things, so if I am wrong, please leave a comment, I would appr...

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      Dec - 2016

      1 min | 1521

      #MicroPython: Christmas lights!

      MicroPython | 1 min | 1521

      merry christimas

      I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! and to celebrate this evening I've just uploaded a new repository for the Wipy 2.0. Some Christmas lights using the WS2812B!

      Things used in this project

      Hardware components

      Wipy 2.0Wipy 2.0 x 1
      WS2812BWS2812B LED strip x 1



      boot.py: add your ssid, wlan password, and configure the ip address. You need this file if you want to connect the Wipy 2.0 to your router, otherwise you can avoid copying it and the Wipy remains as an wlan access point.

      main.py: you find some options here. The most important option is ledNumber. Set this value correctly.


      • dimm...
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      Dec - 2016

      PCB/Board designs
      2 min | 1163

      #TI: Launchpads and rf24l01+

      PCB/Board designs | 2 min | 1163

      sensor mesh

      Hi everybody,

      I am back again! After almost a-two whole week(s) of code cleaning and updating I've just uploaded two 'new' libraries:

      CC++ RF24: https://goo.gl/3fTmlJ
      RF24Network: https://goo.gl/KONmkU

      These libraries are an extension to the great nrf24 libraries provided by TMRh20 and allow to connect the nRF24L01+ to the following TI-Launchpads:

      In the following days I am updating some example codes for CCS (Code Composer Studio) and EAGLE files.

      Stay tuned!!!

      I am calling this project DIVA (#ProjectDIVA), a...

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      Dec - 2016

      PCB/Board designs
      2 min | 1630

      #TI: Connecting the tm4c1294xl to a ov7670

      PCB/Board designs | 2 min | 1630

      streaming video
      texas instruments
      web server

      Hi everybody!

      I have just uploaded two repositories related to the EK-TM4C1294XL!

      You can:

      C Take photos over serial interface: https://goo.gl/8PlS7y
      Stream (slow) video via webserver: https://goo.gl/gQDFTO

      Connect the OmniVision ov7670 -old but everywhere- (version with FIFO AL422B) to the LaunchPad Tiva™ C Series EK-TM4C1294XL and take photos over serial interface, or use the http webserver to get a (slow) video streaming.

      Things used in this project

      Hardware components

      EK-TM4C1294XEK-TM4C1294X x 1
      ov7670 with AL422Bov7670 with AL422B x 1
      CP2102 USB to TTL CP2102 USB to TTL x 1
      CP2102 USB TTL EK-TM4C1294XL Ov7670 AL422B
      CP2102 USB to TTL Launc...
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      Dec - 2016

      2 min | 944

      #Blog: Starting this thing!

      General | 2 min | 944

      programming languages
      starting this thing

      Hi everyone, my name is Mauro Riva and I have been working in Hannover, Germany since 2010. I am originally from Argentina (Capitán Bermúdez).  My programming languages are C, C++, C#, qt, python, VB.NET, html, javascript, node.js, php, mysql, matlab and some structured text for PLC and some java. Of course, I am constantly improving my skills for each language.

      C C++ C# qt Python vb.net html5 javascript nodejs php mysql Java Matlab

      I work at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (Leibniz University Hannover) where I am finishing my PhD thesis on the field of identification and control (working title “Online Parameter and Covar...