• Real Time Systems
      8 min | 25916

      #Raspberry Pi: Real Time System - Preempt-RT Patching Tutorial for Kernel 4.14.y

      Real Time Systems | 8 min | 25916

      kernel patching
      raspberry pi
      real time system

      The Preempt-RT tutorial article is the most visited post on my blog. Therefore, I decided to update the tutorial to make it cleaner, and to introduce some other possible modifications and tips for solving problems.

      Preempt-RT is a popular patch for the Linux kernel to transform Linux into such a real-time operating system. There is another option to get this done, and that's Xenomai (tutorial and performance tests here).

      Tiejun Chen, the main responsible for the official Raspberry-Pi-RT branch, has published a video about Preempt-RT here. It includes tips, results and tests.

      Getting the Sour...

    • Android Things
      2 min | 1686

      #ProjectDIVA: Arduino Mini Pro

      Android Things | 2 min | 1686

      android things
      arduino mini pro
      raspberry pi
      sensor mesh

      This article extends the node tree of ProjectDiva to include an Arduino Pro Mini.

      This article explains how to connect a Arduino Pro Mini to the nRF24Things application (Android Things). The code allows sending and receiving messages between the nodes. It uses the well-known nRF24 libraries to create a sensor mesh, where the node 0 (in this case a Raspberry Pi running the Android Things application) actuates as a "DHCP" server and assigns the node addresses in the mesh.



    • General
      1 min | 725

      Unboxing AIY Vision Kit. A surprise like #KORGER!

      General | 1 min | 725

      google aiy vision kit
      raspberry pi
      target manhattan

      Unboxing Google AIY Vision Kit picked up at Target Manhattan Herald Square -New York!- (Target.com) . Also for the fans of Google AIY Voice Kit keep watching! If anyone made the same experience, please advise!

      @Target: It will be great to hear from you!
      @Google: Congratulations on your choice of business partner!

      If you are going to buy something in this shop, please double check the package and the contain before you leave the shop!

      Update 9.07.2018: I managed to get the money back after a 45-minute chat session.
    • MicroPython
      2 min | 2773

      #MicroPython: Camera stabilisation application

      MicroPython | 2 min | 2773

      camera stabilization.
      micro servers

      To continue the series of posts "connecting sensors to MicroPython", this article is about the MPU6050 (you can use also the MPU9255, I am still waiting for the Chinese sensor package) and the WiPy 3.0. Combining the IMU sensor with the WiPy and two micro servos 9g, it is possible to stabilize a camera (tilt/rotate).

      To calculate the compensation needed for the stabilisation, I added the umatrix, quaternion and ulinalg libraries to the project to make matrix multiplication and ...

    • General
      1 min | 1141

      #Hacking: Hey, YOU! Online SAS user! STOP now!

      General | 1 min | 1141

      online sas

      I got you! Please stop trying to hack my website! It's just a small blog! You are ruining my stats! ;)

      Sorry to the other users!, but the last two weeks, someone was using the cloud system ofOnline SAS to try to hack my website. Yes, you heard that right! Someone is trying to hack this small blog! and I can tell you: That's illegal! ;) In the terms and conditions of Online SAS that is NOT allowed! ;P

      Are Paris IP-addresses going to be the next Nigeria IP-addresses? abuseipdb.com has a lot of Paris IP-addresses declared as risky!

      Leave a comment, if you have more info, and if you are the guy tr...

    • Android Things
      1 min | 1451

      #TI: SensorTag working on Android 8.1

      Android Things | 1 min | 1451

      android studio
      sensor tag
      texas instruments

      Thanks Sal for your comments on the article TI: Sensortag CC2650 . This is for you and those who are playing with TI SensorTag!

      I've updated the repository of the Texas Instrument (TI) SensorTag CC2650. The repository can be found here . As you may know TI doesn't update the repository anymore. The original last open source repository of the application can be found here .

      I've wrote an article last year as I migrated and updated the repository:

      Today, I've updated the repository to support Android 8.1 (>6.0). The main modification was that Android >6.0 needs locatio...

    • MicroPython
      4 min | 9365

      #Tutorial: Getting started with MicroPython: Sensors - Part 1

      MicroPython | 4 min | 9365

      sense environment

      One of the most visited articles on my blog is the Getting started with MicroPython! tutorial. If you still don't know what is MicroPython and you want to start programming microcontroller boards (ESP32, ESP8266 etc.) using a small version of Python 3, you should look at that article . Don't expect to use machine learning or/and other big libraries (the available RAM and microcontroller performance is far away for that aim), but you can do some projects like these:

    • Android Things
      1 min | 1028

      #ProjectDIVA: Android Things v1.0!

      Android Things | 1 min | 1028

      android things
      sensor mesh
      sensor tag

      Google has released Android Things 1.0 this week to developers with long-term support for production devices.

      I've updated today the two applications to run on this Android Things version:

      Additional resources

      Take a look at the full release notes for Android Things 1.0, and head over to the Android Things Console to begin validating your devices for production with the 1.0 system image. If you are looking for a Getting Started on Android Things, head over to these posts:

    • Analytics
      9 min | 8453

      #Tutorial: Docker on Embedded Systems (Raspberry Pi & Beagleboard)

      Analytics | 9 min | 8453

      embedded systems
      raspberry pi

      Docker is a technology that emerged for about 5 years and since then it has simplified the packaging, distribution, installation and execution of (complex) applications. Usually applications consist of many components that need to be installed and configured. Installing all needed dependencies and configuring them correctly is usually time consuming and frustrating for users, developers and administrators. Here is where Docker comes to simplify this process allowing developers and users to package these applications into containers.

      A container image is lightweight, stand-alone, executable pa...