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      #Review: InkDrop.tech

      Product Reviews | 1 min | 675

      product review
      uncensorable social network

      Hi there! the guys at InkDrop need some stars on GitHub! Follow the project and stayed tune! What? You don't know about InkDrop.tech?! Ok, no problem: Here you got a description!

      GitHubRepository: inkdrop-app


      InkDrop is an open, easy-to-use and uncensorable social network. It is an open source project and can be considered the blockchain community’s answer to the major, privacy invading platforms we depend on today.

      Today’s social networks are centrally controlled & moderated and they don’t pass back the proceeds to the creators. They rely on business models that are irreconcila...

    • Analytics
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      #Analytics: Docker for Data Science Environment

      Analytics | 8 min | 2468

      data science
      extending docker images
      google cloud platform

      Today, I am opening a new section on my blog, and this time it is about analytics. As you may know, I've been working in research on IIoT and analytics for the last years, but up to now my blog has only shown my hobbyist projects. I want to change the focus of my website a little bit and add something about data analytics, machine learning, Docker technology etc. Everything that I will be publishing in this section is not new. There are many tutorials and great YouTube videos that explain these topics too, but I am going to focus on building an end-to-end data science project using some of the...

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      #Review: SeeedStudio.com Fusion

      PCB/Board designs, Product Reviews | 5 min | 1891

      pcb boards
      pcb designs
      product review
      seeed fusion studio

      On August I was contacted by Ben from Seeed Studio to review the Fusion service. I received a coupon, which could be used only to order PCB.

      To define the Fusion service, I take this text from its website:

      Seeed Fusion Service offers one-stop prototyping services for PCB manufacture,PCB assembly and other electronic and mechanical customized services such as CNC Milling, 3D printing and PCB layout services.

      I didn't have at that time a design but I had something in mind that uses communication technology. I was experimenting using LoRa technology and I thought, I could managed to design a b...

    • Cloud Platforms, Home Automation, MicroPython
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      #Zerynth: ESP32 & Google IoT Core - Part 2: Getting data from Smart Power Outlets

      Cloud Platforms, Home Automation, MicroPython | 2 min | 1689

      google cloud platform
      smart power outlets

      This part 2 of the tutorial will allow you to get data from the smart power outlets and send it to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) throught the Google IoT Core and using an ESP32 programmed with Zerynth (Python). This data is not usually available to the user (directly, you need to use the power outlet application), and it is sent to the company servers.

      If you want to check, if your power outlets are compatible for this tutorial, they should have the...

    • Home Automation, MicroPython
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      #MicroPython: Controlling Smart Power Outlets using an ESP32

      Home Automation, MicroPython | 5 min | 8703

      home automation
      smart power outlets

      Today there is a wide range of offer for home automation devices. A lot of sensors, actors etc. can be connected to the cloud and be controlled using Google Home, Amazon Alexa, your smartphone, etc. There are a lot of companies offering low cost devices, e.g. Sonoff, Tuya, Teckin etc. Most of these solutions are based on ESP32 or ESP8266, and all of them send data to cloud solutions usually deployed on Amazon services, and the data is only accessible using the Androi...

    • LoRa, MicroPython
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      #MicroPython: ESP32 sending data using LoRa

      LoRa, MicroPython | 3 min | 19642

      wireless communication

      LoRa (Long Range) is a patented digital wireless data communication technology. It was developed by Cycleo of Grenoble in France and then acquired by Semtech in 2012. Semtech defines the Lora Technology "as the DNA of IoT, which connects sensors to the Cloud and enables real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity".

      To sum up, LoRa is a wireless data communication technology that enables very-long-range transmissions (mo...

    • Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi
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      #Review: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi

      Product Reviews, Raspberry Pi | 4 min | 1415

      raspberry pi
      table for raspberry pi
      touch screen

      This is my first review on a product that I bought. I hope you enjoy it! Advices and tips are welcome. Please leave me them in the comment section.

      Update: I changed the title of the article from "#Reviews: RasPad - an open source tablet for Raspberry Pi" to "#Reviews: RasPad - a tablet for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi". The table is a close-source solution for open-source platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc. (thanks Zykino for your advice!)



    • Cloud Platforms, MicroPython
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      #Zerynth: ESP32 & Google IoT Core - Part 1: Sending data to the Cloud

      Cloud Platforms, MicroPython | 7 min | 4846

      data access
      google cloud platform
      home automation

      There are lot of tutorials about connecting the ESP32 to a cloud service, but I planned to connect these boards using MicroPython directly to the cloud. That means, I didn't want to use a hardware or software bridge. I wanted to use the Google IoT Core, but MicroPython doesn't support JSON Web Token (JWT), which is needed for the device authentication. I tried to write the library myself, but it didn't work, because of the needed dependencies and the small mem...

    • Real Time Systems
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      #Raspberry Pi: Real Time System - Xenomai Patching Tutorial for Kernel 4.14.y

      Real Time Systems | 6 min | 11783

      kernel patching
      raspberry pi
      real time system

      The website of Xenomai says the following about it Xenomai:

      Xenomai brings POSIX and traditional RTOS APIs for porting time-critical applications to Linux-based platforms. When the native Linux kernel cannot meet the response time requirements of the application, Xenomai supplements it with Cobalt, a small real-time infrastructure which schedules time-critical activities independently from the main kernel logic.

      Checking the list of supported hardware, the Raspberry Pi 2, 3 B(+) ARM micro (BCM2835) is included.

      This tutorial is almost the same as the tutorial for Preempt-RT patching, but in ...